Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Multidisciplinary Courses

Medical Training

  • Law Enforcement Emergency Medical Responder Course

  • Emergency Medical Responder Course

Drone Training and Operations

  • Site Survey

  • Reconnaissance

  • Crisis Site Support and Recovery

  • Search and Rescue

  • Part 107 Test Preparation

Only Authorized trainer for Nyxcell system and supporting systems with complete analytical integration with unit's systems (IE.. Pen link solution, Gladiator forensics or any analytical solution use by the department).

  • Nyxcell OEM Training

  • Nyxcell Advanced Training

  • Nyxcell Search and Rescue Operation

  • Nyxcell Water Operations

Syndetix Equipment Rep and Trainer

  • HEAT-R


Technical Surveillance

  • Technical Surveillance Operator Training Course

  • Basic Audio/Video Applications Course

  • Wireless Communications (all sources)



  • CSS operations

Analytical Subjects

  • Call Data Records

  • Cell Site Analysis

  • Cellular Forensics

  • Survey Analysis

  • Mapping and Analysis using Raptor X

  • Wireless Protocol Analysis


  • Case creation and analysis

  • Survey and survey analysis

  • Court Presentation and reporting

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