A Turnkey Solution for Special Operations, Technical, Medical, Operational, Training, and Support

"First Class Training for First Class Results"

Our instructors have real life operator experience that will enhance your learning experience. Advanced Concepts Exploitation works closely with our DoD, DoJ, DoS, and allied military forces

  • Our courses are taught by expert instructors with real time experience.

  • Program managers are also Instructors and SME in their management area capable of understanding the needs of the clients

  • SOMA Member

  • Mobile training teams (MTTs), ability to deploy specialized instructors, stateside and/or international

  • Employ personnel with current TOP Secret Clearance and higher

  • Certified TRADOC instructors and training developers

  • Offer Instruction in Special Operations Direct Action (DA), Personnel Recovery(PR), Signal Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Cyber Security and Detection

  • Missing person/ Search Rescue Operations

  • Fugitive Tracking Operations

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Ability to customize our services to meet your specified needs

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