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Design and Development

We identify the critical task in need of training, define structure and effectively deliver concepts and material. In accordance with the client's needs, we may recommend the appropriate method of instruction:

  • an instructor-led, web-based, or blended learning solution.

Our team of instructional designers and training developers will then develop a comprehensive project plan to:

  • Ensure that each section or module has an appropriate level of content

  • Design course materials

  • Work with your source material and subject matter experts to gather and analyze data for the course

  • Develop lesson plans along with required activities and/or testing criteria to ensure comprehension and retention

  • Evaluate and review courseware

Cell Phone Analysis

  • Data Analysis

  • Communication & Data Analyzing Services for Federal, State, Local Agencies as well as in civil litigation

  • Cell phone analysis, second opinion (Interpret raw data, provide data visualization and produce reports )

  • Depositions

  • Subject Matter Expert in Wireless Communications (Criminal and Civil Litigation)

  • Training for Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in communication analytics

Outsourcing Your Mission

By outsourcing your technical or medical needs to ACE you gain our flexibility to adjust seamlessly to your Department's changing missions needs. We also know that a key measure of success is minimizing the time response to an action.

Customized Solutions

Advanced Concepts Exploitation has developed learning solutions for a wide range of subjects and technologies:

  • In-depth training on new products OEM, services Equipment or software applications

  • Train-the-trainer classes

  • Job task training and job aids

  • Seminars and overviews to introduce new concepts and products

  • Proficiency testing evaluating and simulations

  • Instructor-led materials, participant manuals and end-user and quick start guides

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Using techniques and measures to detect, neutralize, and/or exploit a wide variety of hostile and foreign penetration technologies that are used to obtain unauthorized access to classified and sensitive information.

Readiness Solutions

Plan and developed State of preparedness of persons, systems, or organizations to meet a situation and carry out a planned sequence of actions. Plans will include adequacy and training of the personnel, and supply and reserve of support services or systems.

R&D / Testing Service

ACE R&D, Testing Services provide an objective assessment of software, products and processes in an environment organizationally free from the influence, guidance and control of the development effort. We provide independent verification of key components, software and systems to determine their efficiency and effectiveness (functional and technical).

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Nyxcell Direct support 24/7 Call toll free : 1-833-517-0217

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