We partner with technology innovators to build cutting-edge visually intelligent solutions.

Our partners are globally recognized leaders in their respective fields, and range from telecommunications providers, to specialized equipment manufacturers and large-scale systems integrator. Together, we help organizations and governments improve the safety and security of individuals and communities. A partnership with Digital Barriers enables the creation of new solutions and business opportunities into public security and defense markets around the world.

Specializing in Communications,

Reconnaissance/Surveillance, and Training Needs.

Rampart Aviation LLC

Is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), FAA Part 135 and DoD Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) certified company that conducts operational, maintenance, and training aviation support operations across the U.S. and internationally, 24/7, 365.

Currently providing support to SOF training programs both CONUS and OCONUS.

Role player integration

Aerial resupply

Technical equipment delivery

Personnel delivery



37 PSR GUN CLUB is a full service LOW restriction dynamic training facility and outdoor shooting range with covered firing lines for handgun, rifle and shotgun.

Plastix Plus was founded in 2000 a better solution for mounting and maintaining your expensive emergency equipment.

Use of heavy duty, high quality plastics in lieu of using wood, metal or aluminum. The result is a product that lasts longer and is much more forgiving on the equipment you use. Plastic does not warp, rot or fade like wood and does not rust like metal. Plastic is a softer material, therefore, it will not damage the finish or functionality of your equipment.

P.O. Box 540531, Houston, Texas, United States


Integrated field measurement tools and analytics software platform for real time and historical tracking of mobile devices and geo-location of wireless evidentiary data.

Unified analytics for:

Call detail records; forensic phone extractions; cellular and 802.11 RF coverage and network layer 3 reconnaissance; cell tracking, and real-time intercept.

Mission set applications:

Missing person/ Search rescue operations:

Fugitive Tracking operations:

Homicide Investigations

ADS Medical Support Team International provides Medical training and pre-hospital medical services at all levels, from Basic to Advanced.

1915 Blue Clay Rd. Wilmington, NC 28405

Offers many styles and variations of rear cargo and Vault units


The massive quantities of data garnered in from your investigations can be overwhelming.

Syndetix serves a diverse set of customers across the United States and Canada that all seek to have the most precise, advanced equipment for their first responders. Since 1985, Syndetix has been developing technologies and providing highly-skilled services that enable mission critical success. When a police officer on the West Coast or a soldier in the Middle East relies on a Syndetix technology to successfully complete a mission, they know they are getting reliable, detailed information to achieve their goals.

We offer a 100% turnkey lease-to-own financing for all your IT & Technology software and equipment. No “a la carte” solutions here. From network cabling to computer carts. Every quote can include ANY EQUIPMENT that you need, from ANY VENDOR or SUB-CONTRACTOR that you select for a complete job–start to finish. Every piece of equipment for your project is owned by your city, the day it’s delivered (no end of lease buy outs or payoffs, EVER). What you need, when you need it for a single price from your chosen vendors–all in.

First Capital Equipment Leasing Corp.

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